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Wachusett Wellness teachers

Julianna Record

Wachusett Wellness founder

Julianna, founder of the Wachusett Wellness Center, was born and has lived much of her life in the heart of Massachusetts. Being a part of corporate start-ups for years, and having a family of her own, Julianna truly believes that no matter what our walk in life is, that we are all interconnected with our own personal stories, triumphs and so-called "tragedies." Julianna believes that no matter what comes along on our path in life, that it is there to help transform and awaken us to who we are naturally meant to be.  


Her vision at WWC is to provide community and support and a space for those who wish to become stronger, grounded and more balanced, and also a place to relax, rejuvenate and heal.

No matter which age group or class, she invites her students to take their practice more deeply into their daily lives, to live their practice, and to, of course, remember to "lighten up," and to laugh--a magical way to awaken our spirit!

Julianna has been an athlete and into movement since a very young age, and practiced and studied yoga and holistic techniques since the 90s. She holds a 200-hour degree in Hatha Yoga from Finding Inner Peace, and completed a master 500-hour degree in Yoga of Energy Flow with Daniel Orlanksy. She is also barre certified, and most recently, studied with Esther Fairfax, the daughter of barre creator Lotte Berk.


She additionally has yoga certifications including power, prenatal, postnatal, Yin, Meridian, senior, and chair yoga, as well as certifications in sport and injury related therapeutics. She teaches both privately and publicly in studios, sports centers, large corporations, parks, senior centers, schools, and wherever else she has the opportunity.

In addition to yoga and barre, Julianna has gained extensive knowledge studying energetic fields, such as Reiki, Meridian Therapy, Acupressure, and Energetic Healing Modalities. She is fascinated with the art and science methods of movement, mindfulness, and healing.

She is grateful to have travelled to many parts of the world both personally and professionally, gaining knowledge and insight on various levels. She continues to study broadly under international and local practitioners, who have assisted her on a happier, healthier journey.

Although she continuously extends her studies, her biggest teachers and influences are her students. She is deeply honored and privileged by their energy, wisdom and presence.

Andrea Flanagan

Children's yoga instructor + PT

Andrea, a native Clintonian and a mother to very active 12- and 9-year olds, enjoys practicing yoga herself and with her children, both on and off the mat.

She is a certified children's yoga instructor. She is also a physical therapist assistant, working in the local public schools with children ranging from toddlers to middle school students.

Andrea is avid in supporting her students through yoga programs she designs. Additionally, she works with classroom teachers to facilitate and integrate the "mind/body" yoga concept into their classrooms.

Andrea is extremely passionate about teaching children and local communities a foundation for a healthy, fit and calming well-being, and providing the tools for a positive future--all while having fun!

Emmanuella Gibson

Certified mat + standing Pilates instructor

Emmanuella has been working by day for the past decade, primarily in the areas of law and higher education. By night, she takes brisk walks, practices yoga, kickboxing, and her ultimate passion: Pilates!

She began exercising as a way to manage weight and reduce stress. In 2008, she was introduced to Pilates and has been in love with it ever since. She embraced the exercise system based on the teachings of Joseph H. Pilates as a means for health management.  In 2009, Emmanuella studied the Pilates Method and received her certifications from the Physical Mind Institute in Mat Pilates and Standing Pilates. Then she received recertifications in Mat and Standing Pilates that included concentrations in “Osteoporosis: Exercise Protocols” (in 2011), and “Nutrition 101” (in 2013).

Over the past six years, Emmanuella has passionately been teaching Pilates with clients, emphasizing the importance of a diverse exercise routine that must include core strengthening and toning. She teaches a classic form of Pilates called, "The Method" (or the Pilates Method),--25 original exercises choreographed by Joe Pilates, but also incorporates other elements, such as the resistance band, the Pilates Ring, and the stability ball, into mat workouts and classes. She educates her clients about the core muscles and the importance of conscious breathing, which enhances stress reduction and weight loss. Emmanuella believes in making her classes fun and challenging, yet relaxing.

Mary Beth Woodward

200-hour experience registered yoga teacher | Barre certified

Mary Beth is a 200 RYT certified Iyengar yoga instructor, and also a cardio barre instructor, with lifelong experience in dance. She has taught at local corporate fitness centers and dance studios.


She loves the peace, confidence and strength that yoga brings to the body, mind and soul. She recently became certified in barre, which brings balance to her yoga offerings both on and off the mat, and at and away from the barre!

Mary Beth enjoys spending time with her three daughters, dancing, and enjoying the everyday pleasures of life.

Lori Seymour

AFFA personal + group trainer |

​Balanced body Pilates | Barre TRX | Rip trainer | Madd Dog spinning

"Being a trainer and group fitness instructor has been a very rewarding career!" Lori says.


Over the years, Lori has provided fun, effective workouts to numerous clients, assisting them with the tools that help change their bodies and quality of life.

An active person her whole life, she enjoys all different types of movement exercises. She was a long distance runner in high school and college, and rode horses her whole life, competing professionally for 30 years. Being a runner and now a horse trainer, these physically demanding activities made her realize the importance of the full body workout and keeping the body and overall being balanced through a variety of techniques.

Jen Hedstrom

Yoga flow instructor

Debi Arsenault

Balanced body barre certified

barre instructor

Debi, an occupational therapist, incorporates body and mind awareness and integration, both in her OT practice, as well as her classes at the barre. In addition to barre, she has practiced yoga in different phases of her life, especially in the past two years.


She recommends yoga students (as well as others new to barre) take barre classes to vary their routines. Debi herself was tired of going to the gym and using machines. She loves how the yoga-inspired moves of barre support more focus on the individual barre student and their body, and require students to be totally present during their practice.


Debi's goal is to make sure students listen to their bodies and know what feels comfortable for them. She makes sure students are using proper techniques in order to avoid injury and will offer corrections, adjustments and pointers to the entire class.


After weighing close to 200 pounds, Debi lost and has kept off the weight for over four years--she's in the best shape of her life.


She enjoys quilting in her spare time.

Gina Engel

RYT 500-hour experience yoga instructor | KettleCore instructor |

Reiki master

Gina has been teaching fitness and yoga for more than 20 years. Her 200-hour certification was in Kundalini yoga and has since studied Power yoga with Baron Baptiste and Ashtanga yoga with Richard Freeman and David Swenson. Her 500-hour certification was Raja yoga based. She studied yoga and meditation in Rishikesh, India, and the Himalayas, which brought her a different and more traditional vantage point of the practice of yoga. She has also been certified as a kettle bell instructor, an aerobics instructor and as a personal trainer. She is also a Reiki master in both a Tibetan and Japanese lineage.


Gina has had a deep interest in meditation, pranayama, mantra and the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. She has found these to be life changing for her and loves sharing her knowledge and experiences with her students.   


Gina teaches a very “down to earth” and humor-filled class. She loves meeting students where they are and helping them experience the lightness of body and joyfulness of spirit that yoga brings.

Rachel Lucking

AFAA Group Fitness certified | Nutritious Life certified

Rachel teaches the "Energy 45" class.


A native Midwesterner, she has lived in Clinton since 2003 with her husband. Now, with two children, two lizards, a cat, and a career, staying active and involved in fitness is an integral part of her life. 


Rachel is a full-time university administrator, helping students develop leadership skills and connect with the community.


In 2011, as an owner and instructor of a small women’s fitness company, Rachel began teaching group fitness to women.


Connecting her skill sets, Rachel’s passion for teaching fitness is rooted in creating a strong, comfortable and supportive community for clients.


Initially, her drive to work out was motivated by weight loss. Joining a community running club cultivated a routine of making activity part of her day. Soon, it became evident that in addition to the physical benefits, staying active also led to mental and social gains.


Rachel loves developing workouts that are challenging and creative. By keeping them interesting, she aims to keep everyone in class engaged and excited about the transformation to come. Additionally, Rachel loves a good music playlist to welcome the sunrise. She says teaching a morning class is a gift—helping students face the day, knowing they have accomplished at least one thing for themselves—not everyone can have that opportunity.


“Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.”

- Rumi

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