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Workplace wellness

Having worked nearly 15 years teaching and training in technical start-up companies to audiences of 200-250, Online and in-person, and both domestically and internationally, Wachusett Wellness Founder and Owner Julianna Record understands not only the adult learning style, but the need for one to find balance within his or her professional and personal life, for a happier and healthier body, mind and spirit.


From her personal and professional experience and journey, she creates mindful and empathetic tools to help professionals sharpen focus at work and unwind away from work, as well as improve stamina, lightness and personal growth.

This program is designed for all ages and abilities, and will proactively encourage professionals to stay healthy, pain- and injury- free, with the benefits of:


• Reducing health care costs

• Increasing productivity

• Reducing stress

• Enhancing a positive attitude

Send us a message to learn more about our wellness programs and to request a free quote and package consult.

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