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200-hour E3 yoga teacher training teachers

Julianna Record

Wachusett Wellness founder

Record, Julianna.JPG

Julianna, founder of the Wachusett Wellness Center, was born and has lived much of her life in the heart of Massachusetts. Being a part of corporate start-ups for years, and having a family of her own, Julianna truly believes that no matter what our walk in life is, that we are all interconnected with our own personal stories, triumphs and so-called "tragedies." Julianna believes that no matter what comes along on our path in life, that it is there to help transform and awaken us to who we are naturally meant to be.  


Her vision at WWC is to provide community and support and a space for those who wish to become stronger, grounded and more balanced, and also a place to relax, rejuvenate and heal.

No matter which age group or class, she invites her students to take their practice more deeply into their daily lives, to live their practice, and to, of course, remember to "lighten up," and to laugh--a magical way to awaken our spirit!

Julianna has been an athlete and into movement since a very young age, and practiced and studied yoga and holistic techniques since the 90s. She holds a 200-hour degree in Hatha Yoga from Finding Inner Peace, and completed a master 500-hour degree in Yoga of Energy Flow with Daniel Orlanksy. She is also barre certified, and most recently, studied with Esther Fairfax, the daughter of barre creator Lotte Berk.


She additionally has yoga certifications including power, prenatal, postnatal, Yin, Meridian, senior, and chair yoga, as well as certifications in sport and injury related therapeutics. She teaches both privately and publicly in studios, sports centers, large corporations, parks, senior centers, schools, and wherever else she has the opportunity.

In addition to yoga and barre, Julianna has gained extensive knowledge studying energetic fields, such as Reiki, Meridian Therapy, Acupressure, and Energetic Healing Modalities. She is fascinated with the art and science methods of movement, mindfulness, and healing.

She is grateful to have travelled to many parts of the world both personally and professionally, gaining knowledge and insight on various levels. She continues to study broadly under international and local practitioners, who have assisted her on a happier, healthier journey.

Although she continuously extends her studies, her biggest teachers and influences are her students. She is deeply honored and privileged by their energy, wisdom and presence.

Gina Engel

RYT 500-hour experience yoga instructor | KettleCore instructor |

Reiki master

Engel, Gina.jpeg

Gina has been teaching fitness and yoga for more than 20 years. Her 200-hour certification was in Kundalini yoga and has since studied Power yoga with Baron Baptiste and Ashtanga yoga with Richard Freeman and David Swenson. Her 500-hour certification was Raja yoga based. She studied yoga and meditation in Rishikesh, India, and the Himalayas, which brought her a different and more traditional vantage point of the practice of yoga. She has also been certified as a kettle bell instructor, an aerobics instructor and as a personal trainer. She is also a Reiki master in both a Tibetan and Japanese lineage.


Gina has had a deep interest in meditation, pranayama, mantra and the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. She has found these to be life changing for her and loves sharing her knowledge and experiences with her students.   


Gina teaches a very “down to earth” and humor-filled class. She loves meeting students where they are and helping them experience the lightness of body and joyfulness of spirit that yoga brings.

Lexy Lynch

Yoga instructor | Acupuncturist |

Reiki practitioner

Lynch, Lexy.jpg

Yoga has been a part of Lexy's life for over a decade. Her practice has helped her grow stronger and become more flexible, both physically and mentally. She says yoga has enabled her to become a more patient and kind human. Her practice has taught her to enjoy life in the moment and to live more mindfully.


Lexy has been teaching yoga since 2012, and like her practice, her teaching style has changed over the years. She likes to combine functional yoga with creative sequencing, using breath work and meditation to deepen students’ practices. She teaches from a biomechanical perspective, and from the idea that each practitioner, although connected in the same space, carries themselves in different physical ways.


Lexy completed her yoga teacher training with Daniel Orlansky at the Arlington Center. She is also certified in Meridian yoga and is a reiki practitioner. Her classes include Vinyasa flow, pranayama, meditation, shaking, Tai Chi, and Meridian work. They are lighthearted, open and honest. Her goal is to have students leave class feeling refreshed, calm and inspired.


She is also a licensed acupuncturist and has extensive training in orthopedic conditions, biomechanics, anatomy & physiology. She is currently adjunct faculty at the New England School of Acupuncture at MCPHS. She has participated and assisted in several cadaver labs and is currently a teaching assistant for Living Anatomy and skills labs at the Acupuncture School.


When Lexy's not on her mat or practicing acupuncture, you can find her spending time with her husband and daughter, sneaking in moments of solace either gardening, reading or cooking.


She loves what she does and thinks it shows in the ways she teaches, in the passion she shares every day and in the people who allow her to be a part of their healing process. She is honored and humbled to live a life that she's worked hard to build with the people she loves.

Mary Sullivan


Sullivan, Mary.jpg

Mary works with clients to identify and implement daily practices, habits and paradigms that evolve their wellness and resiliency. She writes about and teaches Ayurvedic lifestyle medicine for people with chronic illnesses, Lyme disease and wellness evolution in life. She believes in building and sharing routines that maintain self care as a cornerstone of a healthy, vibrant life.

Mary worked in the chemical industry as a chemist, engineer, manager and director. After leaving the industry, she became a yoga teacher RYT 500, yoga therapist, Karuna Reiki master and Ayurvedic health counselor. Mary mentors self healers in the Living Ayurveda course and has for the past four years.

Mary founded Dare to Self Care and Ayurselfcare, to reach into her community and promote positive change. Mary writes for Dare to Self Care, Ayurselfcare,Yoga Health Coaching and The Mighty. She continues to study & practice Ayurveda, Reiki and Herbalism for fun and health evolution.

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