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Class descriptions

Teachers will offer modifications during all classes.

Please note:  We change our class types and options seasonally. Please check the schedule for the most up-to-date classes.

CrowBarre classes

CrowBarre offers a practice and a certification training that teachers state-of-the-art exercise movement techniques of a custom mix of yoga, barre, and Pilates, with intentional mindful tools that will shape your day-to-day away from the barre!

This program is influenced by the Lotte Berk Method, the original British Barre, and where Julianna has done extensive training with Esther Fairfax, the 85 year old daughter of Lotte Berk, in Hungerford, England-being the 15th person worldwide to have the opportunity to study and be certified by the true original barre source.


What also sets CrowBarre apart from other barre training and certification brands is its mindfulness and movement method—its founder’s belief in the importance of both physical and mental health.

CrowBarre’s focus is mindful presence and awareness, which will allow successful trainees to help their students achieve ultimate physical, mental, and spiritual enhancement.

CrowBarre Express

 a 45 minute class that is a faster pace of our “classic” session, less stretching, less cool-down


 a 60 minute class that will give you a head to toe intense, yet enjoyable, effective professional attuned workout, but also to a deeper “work-in” concept.  A well-rounded mind/body/spirit class with s combination of yoga, Barre, Pilates, and Mindfulness, with appropriately balanced mat and Barre stretch, ending with a grounded cool-down.


75 minutes-CrowBarre Classic with the cherry on top!  After the intense and uplifting 60 minutes, you will spend the last portion of the class on ultimate mind/body balance with deep grounding stretches and uplifting guided relaxation and energetic  that will leave you feeling rooted, yet ready to soar!

Learn more about CrowBarre and our certification programs here!

Yoga classes

All levels yoga

Each class is customized according to students' energy, with the idea that we sometimes need to do what we might not want to--embrace the challenge!


Gentle modifications as well as advanced suggestions will be offered.

All levels flow

A Vinyasa, or flow (think smooth, almost dance-like movements), yoga class that focuses on using the power of inhaling and exhaling to move through sequences.

Physically, students become re-energized and are able to release toxins. Mentally, the synchronized breathing releases tension and helps students be present.

Cultivates balance, flexibility, strength and endurance, and is physically challenging cardio-wise.


Concludes with a short relaxation period.

Chair/Arthritis yoga

Free for Clinton, MA seniors ($5 drop-in fee for all other students). Gentle postures, breathing exercises and stress reducing techniques to assist with managing pain and immobility caused by arthritis.


Yoga is an ideal choice of exercise for anyone wanting to improve mobility. It is non-competitive and emphasizes working with your body as it presents itself on any given day and without judgment.

E3 (Energy, Effort + Ease) yoga

A class that aims to help students achieve energetic balance through Yin (holding) and Yang (active) yoga. Challenges students to embrace opposites--how to bring holding into an active pose, how to make a holding pose more active; how to achieve ease in a difficult pose and how to bring more effort into a passive pose; how to bring cooling into a warming pose; how to salute the sun while saluting the moon--in order to experience harmony.

Gentle mat yoga

For students who want a softer, nurturing and supported practice. A more introspective practice than our flow classes with a moderate pace of movement. For new and seasoned yogis alike, who want to move at a slower physical pace, with time and space to make specific adjustments and to accommodate some restrictions.

Gentle yoga flow

Focuses primarily on stretching, breathing and relaxation, as well as simple movements to increase range of mobility of the major joints. Through breathing and postures, students will enhance their physical, spiritual and mental well-being. Suitable for beginner and intermediate yogis who want to move through sequences at a relaxed pace.


Unwind yoga


Incorporates Yin, or holding, yoga into a gentle yoga-paced class. Yin yoga typically focuses on strengthening the low back, hips and pelvis through holding poses aimed to lengthen the connective tissue surrounding joints. Students learn how to safely surrender into these poses for about 3-5 minutes.


Yin yoga teaches how to embrace the present--how to find ease in a difficult pose through breath.

Yin poses activate and stimulate at least one meridian line (highway channel of the body associated with a particular organ and element of earth), which is usually discussed during class.

Additional Barre classes


A sculpting, fitness-based workout that uses body movement to shape and strengthen through a combination of yoga, Pilates and classical ballet methods. This class can incorporate medicine balls, light weights and the ballet barre.

Barre Express


Similar to Wachusett Wellness's barre class, but expect a shorter stretch and cool-down period. 45-minute class.

20/20/20 (yoga/Pilates/barre)


A high intensity class combining about 20 minutes each of yoga, Pilates and the traditional Lotte Berk barre method. Focuses on isometric movement, core strength, proper position alignment and breath work to achieve sculpting and definition.

*A signature Wachusett Wellness class in the process of being trademarked.

Cardio and strength training

Cardio Circuit Blast!

45-minute cross training class that mixes interval and circuit training. The session is designed to combine fun cardio routines that integrate endurance training, calisthenics, and strength training to develop overall body fitness.



Originating in Russia, using a kettlebell is a centuries-old weight training technique. It exercises many parts of the body simultaneously, while effectively elevating the heart. Not only is KettleCore a fun head-to-toe workout, but it also integrates techniques that will quickly ignite the core.


Our teacher, Gina Engel, also has decades of fitness, yoga, and mindfulness training, making sure to interlace the mind, body and spirit into the KettleCore mechanisms.

Pilates classes


Focuses on basic Pilates principles: Core strength, increased flexibility, breath control and correct alignment to improve posture. Every class in this series is unique to ensure that the body is challenged in new ways, while implementing simple choreography with clear instruction.


Pilates stability ball

Strengthen, tone and lengthen from head to toe through exercises combining stability balls, bands, free weights and more. Using classical Pilates techniques, this class intends to improve posture, balance, flexibility and mental clarity, all while challenging the core.

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