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150 School Street. 

First floor: Rooms 105 + 106

Clinton, MA 01510


We are located in the heart of Clinton, MA, directly across the street from the Clinton Elementary School on Church Street, and across the street from the Old Timer restaurant parking lot. The Elks Lodge is also right next to us. Those who knew the "old Saint John's School"--this is the building!

Two entrance options (*on weekends and holidays, enter through back entrance):


1. Front entrance; this is handicap accessible, with an elevator. You can take the elevator to the lower level. We are located all the way at the end of the hall, second-to-last room on the right: Room 105, and last room on the right: Room 106.


2. Back entrance: The quickest way in. You can drive around the building from the front entrance, take a right, and there will be parking available. As you enter the back door, go down the stairs; the first two doors on your left are our rooms 106 and 105.

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