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Children's yoga with Ms. Andrea

Mommy and me

Ages:18 months-3 years


Combines unique toddler friendly yoga poses with songs, stories and games to create an enriching parent-child activity. Each class incorporates about 20 traditional yoga poses and is personalized around a child’s curiosities as he/she learns yoga through social interaction, repetition and play.


Designed for children up to 36-months-old and their parent/caregiver. Integrates kid friendly yoga poses with games and imagination-building exercises that will foster social interaction, improved motor skills and augment, and create a unique bond, all while having fun! No yoga experience is required.


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Kids' yoga

Ages: 4-8 years old


For children in preschool or kindergarten who have the ability to separate from their caregiver for an hour. We will explore yoga through stories, song, dance and play. Children will learn how to relieve frustration, improve motor skills and increase attention span by actively following directions.


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Kids' yoga

Ages: 9-13 years old


Geared toward older children who would benefit from building up their own personal tool box for stress relief or anxiety and ways to stretch and strengthen their bodies. They will also work on building confidence through poses and affirmations.


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