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Experience is everything, and here at Wachusett Wellness, your experience is completely original to you and/or your child's path. Our intention is to provide tools for a healthy and positive path through yoga, wellness classes, energy, and lifestyle consultation.  With these tools, you learn how to easily and realistically transform the mind, body, and spirit at your own pace.Check out the options below for a better understanding of our services!

Through private consultation, you will be guided to positively shift your physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual rhythm to life.

We offer custom sessions such as

  • Thai Massage & Bodywork
  • Body~Mind~Soul
  • Therapeutic Yoga
  • Meridian Yoga

and more...

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 yoga FOR YOU

WELLNESS CLASSES and Specialty Series


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In addition to Hatha Yoga, we strive to offer additional types of fitness and wellness classes, as well as Specialty Yoga Series and Seasonal Workshops.

Our intention to create offerings that will assist with making you (and your children) feel good physically, mentally, and emotionally.

We are consistently adding new offerings.  Some of our latest are;


Great!  We cater to all abilities.

Using a classic Hatha foundation, we interlace a unique teaching flow, which combines a Physical, Energetic, and Spirited formation.

This overall blend provides physical strength, flexibility guidance, and opening of one’s heart and mind, all while increasing and balancing of life-force (prana). Our ultimate goal is to guide you to your higher realm of possibilities, and to remind you to fully engage in the present moment and to "enjoy the ride."

Group, Corporate, and Private classes are available.

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