NEW TO YOGA OR AN EXPERIENCED YOGI? GREAT! Courses are offered to all abilities. Whether you haven't taken a class before, need a refresher to get back into your practice, or an advanced yogi, we have a class for you. The instructor makes necessary accommodations for students, based on their physical and mental needs. Our goal is to make you comfortable and at ease.

Group, Corporate, and Private classes are available.

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Children's YOGA

 yoga FOR YOU!

Wachusett Wellness

Do you wish your life was different? Do you worry about your finances, health, and finding inner peace? The day-to-day obstacles and challenges often create a tiresome and static rhythm to life, making us feel "lost in the shuffle." Then suddenly we realize we need change, an increase in our momentum, possibly an overall "life-lift"--but often, we don't know where to start. 

 Through private consultation, you will be guided to positively shift your physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual rhythm to life.

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 Just like traditional yoga, our children’s yoga programs involve a combination of exercises, postures and breathing techniques.

We provide classes for Parent (or caretaker) and children up to 36 months--together, and also classes for children 4-7, and 8-11 years.

Classes generally start with a gentle warm up, followed by a series of stretching exercises, then integrating postures. Through humor and game-like techniques, children will be given life-long tools that will positively carry them through their day-to-day.

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Experience is everything, and here at Wachusett Wellness, your experience is completely original to you and/or your child's path. Our philosophy is to provide tools for a healthy and positive path through yoga, energy, and lifestyle consultation.  With these tools, you learn how to easily and realistically transform the mind, body, and spirit at your own pace. Check out the options below for a better understanding of our services!

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